What Our Clients Say

Silvia R. Brown

Was very pleased with the job,very professional and accurate, they knows their job. will be happy to use them in the future time also to refers my friends.

Joseph C. Billups

I like Elstree Tyres & Cars, because I don’t have to risk driving the car and [making] the situation worse. Having a mechanic come down to your home makes on yourself, especially when you have a family.

Rod N. Clay

I bought my (used) car with Elstree Tyres & Cars’s inspection recommendation and I’m very happy with their services. I’m sure that I’ll use Elstree Tyres & Cars services again in the future.

Harold K. Glidden

I booked Elstree Tyres & Cars for my Car Repair Service. He came and checked my car… He gave clear details about what’s happening and the problem, which made me very happy and knowledgeable.

Edna J. Young

I would definitely recommend Elstree Tyres & Cars. I’ve actually recommended them to several of my friends. Just the convenience of the whole aspect where you can go about your life and get your work.

Travis E. Corlett

I learned of Car Elstree Tyres & Cars through a Google search . The service provided by Elstree Tyres & Cars exceeded my expectations.

Jana G. Thomas

Elstree Tyres & Cars completed their job today not on time, but early, which was awesome, and took care of everything. Got the oil filter changed. Also, They found some other things that were possibly needing a little attention.